All I wanted was to go to boarding school and play guitar in a rock band, but instead my parents sent me to a Christian reform school in the D.R.  So part of my life has been dictated by forces outside of my control- because I went to Escuela Caribe, I have to write about what happened to me and my friends.  If I don’t, other kids will be condemned to repeat my past, or worse.  And I don’t wish that on anyone.

In my last post I shared that the founder of New Horizons Youth Ministries, Gordon Blossom, molested his daughter.  Since then, Jesus Land author Julia Scheeres discovered that Pastor Blossom frequently raped his wife.  He also had sex with Haitian prostitutes, who were usually virgins.  This was at the same time that he insisted his teenage charges refrain from sexual contact.  Scheeres also learned that Blossom insisted on staffing Escuela Caribe/ New Horizons Youth Ministries with inexperienced staff members who were less likely to “buck the system.”  I’ve suspected that for years.

After Gordon Blossom retired, his son Tim Blossom became NHYM’s chief CEO.  Tim was the head guy during my time.  My dad trusted Tim so much that when I had an issue post-graduation, he insisted  I go to Tim for counseling.  It was awful.  More on that at a later date.

Last Tuesday I had a long conversation with a former student.  She told me that on several occasions Tim “counseled” her at his house alone. He told her he had had an affair.  He discussed how this affected his sexual life with his wife. He asked this student if she touched herself, and when she said she didn’t, encouraged  her to do so. There are many more graphic details. Tim didn’t touch this student, but we both conclude he was likely grooming her for further abuse.  Or maybe not. Maybe just talking dirty did the trick for him.

I knew lots of adopted kids at New Horizons.  I knew lots of kids who were abused like me.  Tim told this student that NHYM preferred students who were adopted or who had been abused because the “bond was broken.”  He could persuade the parents to keep the kids there longer. If I hadn’t graduated from high school a year early, I know my parents would have left me there for three.

Instead I graduated, went to college, married, went to grad school.  Eventually I learned to play guitar.  My husband says if I spent as much time playing as I spend writing I’d be killer, but that can wait. Because I’ve got my own mission- to expose all those from New Horizons for what they are- fake Christians who made bank by exploiting families and abusing kids.