I had this dream the other night I was walking in a Delta forest. The sun was shining golden green. The birds were singing.  All around me frogs croaked.

I walked down to the brake. Trash was floating up against the knees of the cypress.   I looked down at my feet. An iPad was lying facedown next to a clump of pussywillows.  All of which goes to confirm this ongoing need I have to withdraw from the digital world.

However, I have been revising Unreformed. I signed with an amazing agent in December.  She’s guiding me through another round of edits, which could be daunting. However Fiction School had a great episode on revising a book-length project. My favorite trick: opening a new document and retyping the draft. There’s no way I’m wasting time typing one unnecessary scene or word.

Also, Dinty Moore’s The Story Cure was recently published by Penguin.  I cannot recommend this book enough.